" what do you got to give? "


up at dawn with the winds howling through the curtains. eyes open and staring upward towards the ceiling. no anxieties today, no woes, no worries, nothing but the fire of collected energies.

i dreamt of smiling faces in the darkness; their teeth and eyes lit up underneath the lampposts. i am in a car moving slowly down the streets towards a neighborhood of empty houses. 

my curiosity leads me in a direct line towards you. the tethers of this line frayed and worn, though it is the most resilient of lines. behind me all of the weight of experience and memory. how heavy it is, how massive, how substantial, and how moving.

there is no solace in purely maintenance of the skills anymore; what else do you have to say? what else do you have the capacity to evolve for? is there an answer? is there only the question?

tonight's homework:

consider all angles, make sound decisions on the information at hand, take action, and whatever the consequences, know that you in the least accomplished one more item on the path to self-actualization.