" where dreams are made "


close your eyes, make a wish. take a moment to be still and listen. the sound of stillness, of friction between cloth and skin, machines in the road, in the sky. music and motion and nature brushing against the window. the wind takes on a shape previously unseen and now felt.

if our surroundings in some way dictate our behavior, it is up to us to change our behavior to combat becoming our environment. we should be the ones to enrich and till the social soil with our ideas, with our lifestyle, with our dreams and desires.

once you allow yourself to be overrun by a city, you will lose yourself and become invisible. the hard part is to strike out on your own or with a few collaborators. to make a new path, to introduce new colors to the palette, to shift the sense of the impending to a sense of the possible.

the senses blossom and bloom when focused, then new connections are made; new realizations evolve and grow complex. and in those complexities, become more simple.

tonight's homework:

always have an opinion. believe it, hone it, know it, share it.