" when the world is bigger than you "


give praise where praise is due. we spend lots of time cooped up in our headspace, at home on the computer, in the studio crafting and creating, that at times we forget to really check in with our peeps.

those friends and collaborators we hold so dear, reflect the hard work we've put into our own projects. i like to set time aside to visit with friends just to see how they're doing, how their life is unfurling, and if they need any help with anything.

it's one thing to have an open door policy with people you invite into your life, but we must augment that openness with actual interaction. get a meal, watch a film, work on a project together, or even do something that has nothing at all related to your field of interest.

visit the zoo! draw a picture on napkins! swim in the ocean! rock climb a boulder or mountain! listen to albums together! slip underneath shadows and over sunbeams!

we forget we need a welcome break from our at times intensely myopic existence to touch bases with our collective anchors and touchstones. but it's almost always a great and beneficial thing, which can refuel your creativity for the next stretch of solitary confinement.

tonight's homework:

go to your nearest park, and administer a full one-hour dose of laying in the grass. stat!