" shadows, whispers, and smiles "


sinking down into the seats, the murmurs of so many patrons begins to rise and fall. the spaces in between counterpoised by fits of laughter and the shuffling of feet upon the carpeted floors.

above, it seems someone has captured, and harvested distant star-forms, and found a way to have them clustered and fastened to the ceiling. i see their dazzling arrays glisten in the wide dim of the house, and the tones begin to chime.

everyone hushes and returns to their seats as the enveloping golden lights fade into a silky blackness. a spotlight begins to glow upon the heavy embroidery of the stage's massive curtains.

a conductor enters and is met with appreciation. the overture begins brisk and bold, like hard and fast raindrops striking copper cookware. the music eases and sighs into the end of the refrain. the drapery is drawn upwards in a slow steady reveal, and the audience gasps then applauds, and we find ourselves underway.

tonight's homework:

research and learn one new thing which will benefit you for years to come. a theorem, a scientific truth, a form of meditation, an instrument or phrases of a song.