" why you gonna do that? "


no no no, don't do that. don't do that.

no second guessing yourself, no putting yourself down for perceived shortcomings, no more beating yourself up, starving your creativity, turning inward and away from the things that set you free.

no shirking the responsibility, no spending hours online looking at cats and puppies and sloths and fights and people behaving horribly to one another. you're more than that; you are much better than that.

this life, this life is not a rabbit hole for you to fall into and find the treasure or mystical horde of jewels or bucket of delicious candies. this is not that life. this is not the type of life for you.

get up, sit down, do the biz, put in the work, get your fings dirty, clean yourself up!

enough of this monkey messing, we have little time to spare, and all the benefits to gain.

tonight's homework:

get off your high horse, and get on the hobby horse.