" winter solstice "


we're past it now. the sun shines in a wide arc around the earth, and the shadows lengthen across the surface. 

as i find myself on the east coast of the country, there is always talk of weather. i check the forecast before i go to sleep, and before i leave the apartment on the way to work.

this morning's walk from home to train, then from train destination to work was met with a bone-shattering shock of frigid bluster.

along my exposed ankles, the chop and breeze sliced at the skin, and attempted to slip it's long fingers up the lengths of my pant legs. my only solace in this swirlwind of wintry onslaught, is that the days are growing longer.

the solstice is gone and past, and we are nearing the first real hint of the season's icy grip. chilled winds dip and shift along its routes, while we muster the energy to bundle up, trudge forward, and embrace the cold winter's knock.

tonight's homework:

snug up to someone warm, or tuck into layers of blankets, or drink soothing healing and deliciously restorative teas. it's going to be a glacial one.