" wonderland "


so many things seem very elusive. like, you know about their existence, but feel you will never attain them. first edition books, various medias in low print numbers, fine objects, works of art, lovers, adventures to faraway lands, your own home.

after a childhood of positive reenforcement and careful positivity-bui;ding, we find ourselves in a sea of pre-teen emotions and self-doubt which extends through to our young adulthood, but not before meandering through angst, anger, heartache, and flexing every limit you can without getting into trouble...or not caring and getting into trouble anyways.

by my count, i've happily past most of that drama, that unfocused raw emotional output with little definition. but traces of that past still linger; bits of those fits of confidence without reason or fear without provocation still intermingle with a general sense of calm and realizing that if i get into trouble, my mom isn't going to get mad or come to pick me up.

with all that in mind, it is enough to believe in yourself and the bold probability of realizing our dreams and goals. they are attainable and realistic. if you can dream it up, it can be done. someone you know is doing it right now, and there is a precedent.

how amazing, to know that just out of your furthest limits, is everything that you desire in your life. all you have to do is step through the mirror and realize there are less barriers than you think.

tonight's homework:

tickle your fancy, or the fancy of someone in your life.