" from little seeds great yadda yadda "


keep that ole chin up! or if'n you cannot, get a chin strap! it's deafening, the sense of dread which hangs over the reality of the dreamed we've dreamt up.

if you lead with your expectations, you may realize that you are not only singular in your Self-esteem, but there are angles you've never thought of. it's the validity from a stranger of substance which overpowers the continuous love and bellows of support from friends and family.

it doesn't mean that the familiar big ups and praises are illegitimate, not at all. 

we summon our courage, pool up our strength, seize the day, and place our best foot forward. in the hopes that we will be seen, heard, make our mark, and once that mark has been made, be continuously in demand and thought of in good favor.

and in the end of this sowing season, from which eggs are taken out of a collective basket and distributed in a more realistic diversified manner, it is then you may have the moment of clarity you seek.

truth seeker or no, there is wisdom to be learnt.

tonight's homework:

take a break, you deserve it. this following week will be filled with trials, but you are going to both do your best, and excel despite all odds against.