" your shadow's shadow "


summer days leading into the long golden hours finding the way through the heat and humidity seeing through the static to the end of the week. close your eyes and imagine clear blue waters with a glass-like surface.

imagine a calm breeze and floating on this body of water; the sky is a deep endless blue like an atmospheric sapphire dappled with cirrus clouds; the wisps like a transparent filaments and swirls.

do not be haunted by any worries or circumstances unresolved. you are in a state of bliss and the world melts away.

the future while not entirely clear, has a visible path which extends from your point of origin and into a continuous destination of your own creation. there is beauty in your stride towards this unforeseeable and unexplored path. there is joy in the discovery, and all things are in alignment.

tonight's homework:

trade in binge-watching at home with binge-laying-out-on-a-blanket-with -cool-peeps in the park until nightfall and the darkness flickers with fireflies.