" tuning fork "


taking in the sun full to the soul, the energy transmitting from a celestial body, down through the soundless void of outer space, through the atmosphere, through the clouds, straight into your cells.

running through the dark through a field through the winds and through the night air, fresh, your lungs are aching, your legs are burning, you are flying, you are joyous, you are free.

later in the season, a crisp afternoon walk through the streets, through the park, through the city, finding yourself immersed in of and between other people, other places, other experiences, and how good it feels to exist in the moment, to have a loose destination, and to have time flex and bend to your will, which deems what is important when.

heartstrings strummed in the shape of a beautiful warm chord progression, attraction mounting, face full flush with twitterpated pheremone-induced fevers plural, swooning, swaying, sinking into open arms, open mouths, singing voices, a melody which finds its harmony in the bones.

tonight's homework:

write it down, it couldn't hurt, and it's better than losing the thought later on account of fool's pride.



" unexpected journeys: a dream "


i was sitting on 9th street at a fold up tale with brent and max. it was really good to see them as they had moved away a long time ago. it was overcast but warm out with patches of sunlight. we were drinking glasses of water and talking about seinfield.

i found myself out of water and very thirsty, so i asked them if they wanted some water. i walked to the walgreens down the street, but when i got inside, noticed that the entire place had revamped into this luxury spa-like massive home furnishings and carpet store. it still had some basic home products and some pharmacy items, but moreover, the entire store was many shades of black, silver, and gray. the staff were few, and there was an air of hollow museum about the whole place.

in looking for jugs of water, i wandered downstairs to the spa area. a man asked if i needed help, and i told him that the likelihood that i would find what i needed there was slim. i walked out of the store and called greg to come meet me on the way back to the table.

i used a side exit and immediately was put out into the real world again. gone was the sleek futuristic comfort of the evolved walgreens, and in back of the store was a gritty, ochre-stained rusting wasteland, scattered with tall buildings and forests in the background.

there was a long chain link fence running along the borders of the lot behind the store, so i followed it across the field to where i believed the exit to the street was. it felt like i walked for ten minutes, then i realized this wasn’t brooklyn, it was probably portland oregon or somewhere else i had been walking through the whole time.

it made sense at the time.

i eventually got to a gate where a group of guys were waiting at a corrugated steel door. they were trying to egg the people on my side of the door to “man up” or act out in some macho way in order to gain passage through. it was all very mosh pit and strange. some people were yelling and spitting and wearing costumes, but i could see everyone was just play-acting and maybe a little scared.

i told the head guy i didn’t have time for this, and demanded to be let through. greg showed up around that time, and helped me talk my way through the gate, because we were not fighters, and had no time for that mess.

greg and i walked a little more, and realized that the gate lead to these train tracks, long and unending underneath this massive overpass. i had never noticed this while crossing the field. there were a group of workers securing the track and rails. they said to be real careful and warned us about walking on the tracks. we said that we were just going back to the street, and that we weren’t planning on staying long.

looking down at the tracks, i could see that they were floating on a pile of rust-ochre colored rocks and near-submerged in water. i could only surmise that the rocks came from the same slopes and geological formations i had seen earlier. the workers paid it no special attention, so i thought nothing of it, but noted the composition.

we ended up walking up a hill and found a swanky home to rest at. it turned out to be the house that max had moved to, and brent called my phone. he said they knew what happened to us, forget about the water, and they’d meet us at the house.

we walked into the home, and it reminded me of houses i’d been to back home in albany, california. the nicer houses with the three levels and a rec-room. the ones with hot tub decks and balconies, and i thought to myself, “max is doing really good.” 

we hung out, and they surprised me with tall glasses of water. they came into the room like it was a birthday party, and we were really glad to see each other.

tonight's homework:

take a moment to recall some of the best things that happened to you today. take a moment for the contemplation and reflection of each memory. tuck them away in the mind for those times when life is not so forgiving or mundane.



" a clamor and a tremble "


the tunnels are quest tonight. low rumbles in the distance; must have just missed the train. i detest just missing the train, but what are you going to do? nothing to do. just wait, just be patient.

there's no wi-fi down here, yet. of course it would be that there's no wi-fi down here at this particular station. just my luck, right? ahh, whatever. should have brought a book.

that guy over there looks cold. it's hot down here, and he looks cold. all bundled up like he didn't check the weather this morning. people are strange sometimes, especially here. here, everyone is a cliché of someone else who is inspired by another and on and on and on.

getting hungry. should have packed a snack. an apple or a handful of crackers, nuts or dried fruit, even a bottle of water. what's wrong with me? i can hear the tunnel screeching and coming back to life.

everything is getting so loud, but we'll always have the calm times. we'll always have the rumbles and the din.

tonight's homework:

be wise, not a wiseguy.



" people are a mirror "


you see yourself in other people's eyes. the soundtrack begins to play in your mind, and the music swells in your heart.

this is not a stage-play or a rehearsal; this is the time where things happen as they happen, and all the repercussions of real life resound long afterward.

when you err or falter, there is no cutaway or fade to black. we live by our truths and exist in a timespace where there are consequences to our actions, both the good and the bad.

but in those times where second chances are struck rough like a hot stake on an anvil, all happiness peals brightly through your heart, lifting you up and through the stratosphere.

there is no higher joy, and no deeper pleasure than that happiness in that moment, extending through time forever onward.

tonight's homework:

take care the order of your words, take care to use your words.



" fleeting fleeting "


wishlist sorta days, when you write slow with deliberate movements; paper and pencil and sunny day afternoons.

finding the time to shuffle from porch to food to lemonade to friends to leaning on a railing somewhere speaking in monosyllabic emotive grunts and getting kicks watching trains pass on by.

neither here nor there, perhaps like existing in an endless friday afternoon, where everything rough and tumble is behind you, and there's nothing but an endless weekend yet to unfold.

lingering and daydreaming, listless and wistful, seeing everything through rose-tinted beer glasses.

tonight's homework:

homemade pickles and loud rock music.



" between the seams "


it is not at all easy to clearly define two sides of an argument. emotion, frustrations, perspective, and a sense of what is ultimately "true" gets all jumbled and mottled in the creases.

when you build up for yourself these truths until they become cliffs' edges, vast and solidified along a canyon of misalignment, it becomes increasingly strained to believe that anything but an eventual fall into this gorge for one party is anything but inevitable.

but we persevere at times, when understanding and moving forward is the only option at hand. when we find ourselves yearning not only for the understanding, but for the sweet release of that tight wrought fury.

we seek a conversation rather than argument, seeing eye to eye, heart to heart, one to another. to build a bridge and bring together these rough hewn bitternesses; to heal and lay bare our desires for a return to a deeper sense of beauty.

tonight's homework:

the full eight hours of sleep, and a glass of water before going to bed. don't forget to finish doing or pick up your laundry. it's time to get it together.



" the sweetest escapes inward "


would you have known such joy by the look, taste, smell, or touch?

the feeling of the afternoon weighing heavy, looming and lingering like a cloak in a closet, and how time slows down to the most delicious crawl.

no one wants to suffer fools, so we put up our collective defences, with all crosshairs sighted, and we check our wristwatches for the signal.

the curtain comes down, we all realize our mortality, and the light scatters and returns as if the jeweled prism of my dreams is now manifest, and reality tinges of the infinite.

tonight's homework:

know your comfort zone, but attempt to use your knowledge of something(s) to sustain you up to the edge of recall. be humble and thankful. no one likes to be wrong, but there are certain sacrifices to being right.



" be longing "


blessed winds billow and caress those gathered here, where memory is long as the shifting shadows, and the nights contain remorse is equal does as celebration.

it makes it easier to be known, to have been seen, to have been marked. though fleeting like a sinking sun, the recognition of a time where one was vital and present, this is the story of the survived.

these are the laments of the left-behind. to have known such great love in your time, and to have that love extend it's long gloved hand into your memory and heart.

your senses become more acute, your body swells like a turbulent ocean, and you know then you are absolutely mortal.

tonight's homework:

make a doodle of a stranger, and when finished, approach and present the drawing as a gift and use as little words as possible to convey your gratitude for their time and participation.



" an other time "


they came in droves, the feet shuffling, dank smoke searing their eyes. the morning sun scatters and refracts through the thinly formed window panes; the world blurs by, and everyone has their heads lowered.

hands clutching new materials clutching a skeleton frame clutching a train car chassis clutching to the rails just barely. clacking and screeching, dreams were the only thing more noisy and boisterous in a time now long past.

woven seats of reed and cushion, wooden beams and details from some state forest lining each unit, a sense of purpose and destination. we all moved forward, so was stalled en masse, together in momentary frustrations.

and now all is memory and echoes of clattering and rough textures. the visions of a workday now mesh into the not-as-of-yet realized sleek future vision. we stumble and grumble, scuttle and grimace.

the tunnels resound with our presence, and everyone remembers everything and nothing at all.

tonight's homework:

celebrate your smaller victories as well, not just the loudest ones.



" bright lights, deep shadows "


new faces, new places. new streets, new corners.

new tree-lined sidewalks, new benches.

new smells, new passers-by.

old fears, new hopes.

old worries, new confidences.

old cares, new IDGAFs.

new outlooks, new motivations, new blisses.

tonight's homework:

complete a cycle, begin anew.



" into the slips: a short story "


the boat fell silent on the waters. the engine cut and the rudder remained true.

all eyes affixed on the faraway docks, and dreamed of mooring for more than one night.

peering down the length of the vessel, we could see that there were few in the harbor. though we did not know the land, or from whom to purchase the stay, we glided in.

slowly the shoreline opened up with the morning fog burning off, revealing old men sitting like hungry pelicans against the rails. plumes of smoke coming from their collective pipes emulated the smokestack billowing of the chowderhouse now in plain sight in the morning sunbeams.

we felt our constitution tighten up, hopes for a better passage lifting, and the deep relief of rest almost at hand, as we floated into the slips.

tonight's homework:

high five old peeps, even if they're far away. it's good to touch bases.



" a supposed separation of worlds "


try as you might, you will probably make friends with those who you work with. while not entirely a requirement for the modern job, traditional or otherwise, a friendly nature and calm demeanor in the face of personal life emotions and the like, is an important attribute to have.

we would like to believe that we can exist in a place of business, of troubleshooting, commerce, retail, and if lucky, creativity, without having an effect on one another, but you will find yourself changed.

as a member of society, of the human race, and of a singularly interesting member of the species on the planet, how could you resist the opportunity to find commonality amongst your coworkers and daresay colleagues and peers? it is inevitable that you would have to speak casually, conversationally, personably, with at least one if not two persons. why remain mysterious?

you can make true connections without being without a sense of privacy. you may find such commonality, that you begin as strangers in a space and time in the universe, and end up the closest of friends. just you see. make an effort to find out at least one commonality with someone at your place of employ. seek out a connection, however peripheral or surface.

these are the embers which stoke the fire of our humanity.

tonight's homework:

one glass of water to every spirit imbibed.



" bookends "


reality creases in upon itself like two loaves of bread baked slightly too close, their long sides now becoming one another.

like a venn diagram slowly, lovingly overlapping.

like a hand at rest between thighs and devoid of normal bloodflow, now tingling with a deep sensation. 

like meeting at the lips and breathing in and out of each other's respiratory systems.

like a stitch or a suture, the one source reinvigorating the other; the skin becoming florid and vital.

reality shifts and realigns anew like hand holding another hand, a gait of a footstep matching a parallel footstep, or a head with eyes closed dozing and dreaming away on the chest of another; a heartbeat finds a rhythm worthy of a tandem syncopation.

tonight's homework:

finish your taxes earlier than previously planned.



" all winters thaw "


we're building bridges here. gather up the materials and the proper plans, which have been detailed and drawn to spec. once we begin the process of even entertaining this construction, it requires a lot of things.

heart, knowhow, algorithms, strength of will, strength of character. this bridge is not a completely unique design, but then again, some classic designs with a modern finish are just what we need to inch forward every millenia.

one foot in front of another, one humbled moment over a prideful one, one door opens up to reveal so much more beauty and benefit, than to have the same door remain closed tightly.

we are giving up the habit of turning away and inward from opportunity. we are facing one another now. we are making leaps and bounds occur within a short span of time.

we are now connected.

tonight's homework:

make an effort to get to know someone beyond the pleasantries and the filler. we are all a collection of the most fascinating stories, and it would be a shame to leave any chapter unread.



" functional alchemy "


it takes a little bit of time and a lot of failures to find a true alignment. metals, alloys, ingredients for a symbiosis. we scuttled out of a muddy goop and proclaimed our desires to the air, to the land, to the gods, to the stars, "we are here, we have dreams and hopes, we deserve a chance!"

a balance is hard to find if you don't have any give either way. things out of calibration often result in broken hearts, missed trains, unexpected meetings, and dashed promises of being there.

but there is great hope in the resilience of tenacity. you must see your way through the dark times, through the difficulties, and strive for that greatness you wish to see and exist within in your life.

it takes a little bit of patience and a leap of faith in beautiful outcomes. when they happen, the world around you opens wide, and the galaxies blush in the distance at your achievements.

tonight's homework:

find someone who makes you laugh, and find a form of a true love.



" elegy for the grand dream "


memories of childhood in those places become long like the shadows as the lean into twilight.

the golden hour exhales upon those thoughts, and become of a time.

a day closes on past joys and frustrations alike.

we find ourselves two parts somber, one part thankful, and one part hopeful for new dreams to emerge.

finding a phoenix within the Self isn't that hard with such memory to fuel the constitution forward.

tonight's homework:

sing a duet.



" cultural chrysalis "


finding your way through the cacophony, you can see the threads forming and the reality distorting. the shapes and sounds come into focus, and everything seems more clear, as if a pin has pierced a dull bubble around your senses.

now fully exposed to these frequencies, you are transforming, blossoming, billowing, and becoming something new. you are reborn and full in the new world of the living.

tonight's homework:

listen to an album of an artist you like all the way through. give it time to exist and breathe. allow yourself the time to take it all in.



" other frontiers "


limitations be dashed, we're finding ourselves on the precipice of all great adventure.

myopic visions towards exploration, investigation of worlds beyond our own, and an interest in what tantalizing things exist beyond the threshold; these are the rewards for hard work and intrigue.

these are the benefits of having an open heart and a sense of self-determined destiny. 

these are the beginnings of all things beautiful and dangerous. the mind wrings taut and then an immense release of stresses follows. dreams and enormous expectations of the unknown float upon the winds.

tonight's homework:

plan a plan and make sure to get into the details. it's always coming down to the details.



" amidst cosmic dust "


it's cold out there in the universe.

though mostly dark, vast, and silent, so any beautiful things are happening right now. such immense reactions, explosions, collisions, mergings, rays, radiation, solar winds. at times, the knowledge of this is immeasurable and overwhelming.

this reality allows my to remain open to possibilities, take chances on myself, and reduce the level of ire, complacency, and any activity which wastes time in any way.

though not always present in my mind, remaining alert and awoken is a lovely way to experience all that life has to offer. it's taking the time to appreciate the greatest of all experiences, in tiny meaningful increments, which adds such color and texture to this life.

the fact that we are amongst these interstellar occurrences sometimes allows me to redefine just how massive the big picture is. it allows me to forgive more and more readily.

it allows me to remember to appreciate every detail in every moment which passes through the day, any day, all days.

tonight's homework:

slow down. take a look around. breathe it all in. count your lucky stars. eat some fruit.



" nothing wasted "


you see the good in people. like finding those glistening jewels in a mountain of coal. you can see into the heart of someone's intentions, and this is a gift. this is a blessing. this is a way of seeing.

others will tell you that there are many evils which linger inside of those around us. the truth is those attributes exist as a potential in all of us. it's not unkind to say that we all have a potential for greed, for jealousy, for lying to our loved ones, for stealing for our own benefit, for actively hurting those we love the most.

the thing that you bring to the conversation, is you see through all of those brambles and thorns. you see through the darkness and the obstacles which obscure true nature. your talents allow you to peer beyond the surface, and immerse yourself into the moment.

what you must do now is lift everyone up, without putting everyone down. you are timeless, and that urge to help others and show kindness is finally coming to your aide in and through difficult times.

it will be a hard road ahead, but i trust and believe in you to the fullest. i am wishing you the very best of luck.

tonight's homework:

push-ups until you cannot, jumping jacks until your legs buckle, and spinning in a circle until all endorphins are released and you cannot help but giggle your way out of the rotations.